Dual fibrinogen test to ensure reliability, increased precision and accuracy of the test

The QuickVet® Specialty Analyzer™ measures fibrinogen using disposable single-use QuickVet® Canine Fibrinogen™ Cartridges and QuickVet® Equine Fibrinogen™ Cartridges. Each cartridge contains all of the reagents necessary for the test.

After preparing the sample using the pre-filled vial with diluent, the plasma is added to the cartridge where it initially splits into two separate channels leading to the two identical measuring zones. Upon entering the measuring zone the plasma mixes with the reagents contained in the cartridge.

When the plasma enters into the measuring zone, this can be seen as a sharp rise in the signal due to the plasma increasing the transmission of light emitted from the LED’s. This sharp rise is identified and starts the measurement. Simultaneously the height of the signal is recorded.

This is done for both of the measuring chambers and the result is than compared. If the difference between the two samples is greater than 0.15 g/L an error is called. If the difference is less than the 0.15 g/L the average of the two measurements is calculated.

The analyzer emits one or more audible beeps, indicating the end of the test and displays result on the screen both as an absolute value and as a graphical display indicating if the value is within or outside the established normality area for horses. The test results remain on the display as long as the cartridge remains in the analyzer.

Once the cartridge is removed and discarded the test results can always be retrieved from the analyzer history page which hold the last 1.000 test.