State of the art micro fluidic technology providing ease of use and reliability

The QuickVet® Specialty Analyzer™ measures whole blood clotting times using disposable single-use QuickVet® COAG PT/aPTT™ Cartridges. Each cartridge contains all of the reagents necessary for the test.

The cartridge can, compared to other products, not be overfilled causing erroneous results as it uses capillary force to draw in the required amount of blood for the test.

Initially the blood splits into two separate channels leading to the PT and aPTT measuring zones. Before reaching the measuring zone the blood mixes with the reagents contained in the cartridge.

As the blood enters the measuring zone, where the channel is structured in a meandering pattern, the analyzer registers a drop in signal intensity as the blood blocks the light emitted from the LED’s.

This is recorded as t0 (start time) and as the blood progresses further into the meandering pattern the signal intensity continues to be reduced. When the coagulation event takes place this reduction in signal intensity stops abruptly and this is by the analyzer recorded as t1 (clot time).

The analyzer subtracts t0 from t1 and hereby derives the coagulation time and displays it on the screen together with the reference values for the chosen species. PT is displayed first after approximately 3 - 4 minutes and aPTT after 6 - 7 min for normal samples.

The analyzer emits one or more audible beeps, indicating the end of the test. The test results remain on the display as long as the cartridge remains in the analyzer.

Once the cartridge is removed and discarded the test results can always be retrieved from the analyzer history page which holds,the last 1.000 tests.