Frequently asked questions for the QuickVet® Specialty Analyzer™

Are there any special requirements before using the instrument?

There are no special requirements, just unpack the instrument, plug in the power pack and start the instrument, set time and date and you are ready to test.

What tests are available with the Analyzer?

Currently the Analyzer can test:

  • Coagulation. One cartridge measures the parameters Prothrombin time (PT) and ActivatedPartial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT). This test has been validated for Canineand Feline.
  • Fibrinogen. This test has been validated for Equine.
  • Blood typing DEA 1.1. This test has been validated for Canine.

Will there be other tests on the Analyzer in the future?

Yes, the manufacturer SMB will continuously develop new tests for the analyzer and make current tests available for additional species where relevant. Currently SMB is working on validating Fibrinogen for Canine and Bovine and has 3 other tests under development.

How will my Analyzer be able to run new tests?

All that is required is to get a USB stick with a software upgrade. Insert the stick into the USB port on the Analyzer and choose upgrade software on the menu. Upgrading normally takes 1-2 min. to perform.

Is the Analyzer portable?

Yes, you can bring the Analyzer with you to a client. You have the choice of either running it from a normal outlet at the client or from the 12 V outlet* in your car. Most distributors of the QuickVet® Analyzer offer a carry case solution.
* Requires a converter

Does the Analyzer need to be calibrated?

The Analyzer is calibrated from the factory and as such does not need to be calibrated further. In some cases a new test will require that the analyzer is calibrated to verify that all parameters are within the required limits for the new test. If your protocol of operation requires you to verify the performance of your instruments, calibration kits are available.